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Where is the CARWH blog?

Take a look at the CARWH home page. See the News & Announcements section? That is the CARWH blog!
These updates are being entered into a blog and pulled onto the CARWH home page. You can also visit the CARWH blog here

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How can I comment on a CARWH blog post?

One of the great things about having the CARWH News & Announcements in a blog is that means that you can comment on entries and we can start a discussion within the CARWH community.

  • To add a comment, click on the Comments area Comments image
  • Then enter your comments in the reply area of the blog that will look something like this:
    Blog reply image

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Subscribe to CARWH News & Announcements via RSS view pdf

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. In a nutshell, it is a way to subscribe to get updates from a site delivered to a reader. This Common Craft video explains the basics:

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How do I subscribe?

Subscribing to RSS feeds is easy! Like the above video describes, you just need to do two things: sign up for a reader and sign up for the CARWH feed.

Signing up for the CARWH feed

Now that you are signed up for a RSS reader, this is the easy part.
Just click on the RSS icon for the desired feed and choose your reader.

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