Dr. Katherine Lippel Memorial Lecture

The CARWH Dr. Katherine Lippel Memorial Lecture is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Katherine Lippel. Dr. Lippel was a prominent researcher who advocated for workers’ rights and reducing stigma experienced by injured and ill workers. Her research was recognized by several prestigious awards including the SSHRC Gold Medal in 2017 which is the highest honour given to an individual whose “leadership, dedication and originality of thought inspire both students and colleagues”. Katherine always acknowledged the important contributions of her community research partners and students who actively contributed to her monumental body of work that is uniquely interdisciplinary and empirical. The Dr. Katherine Lippel Memorial Lecture recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to community-based occupational health and safety research with a focus towards social policy and marginalized workers.

CARWH is pleased to invite Dr. Stephanie Premji, Associate Professor in the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University to give the inaugural Dr. Katherine Lippel Memorial Lecture. Dr. Premji’s research focusses on how employment issues affect health with a focus towards marginalized groups. Her research is community based as she integrates individuals into her research as both participants and researchers and to ensure that her work is meaningful and has impact. Dr. Premji’s work epitomizes the criteria established for the Dr. Katherine Lippel Memorial Award and furthermore, as one of Dr. Lippel’s trainees, Dr. Premji will provide a unique perspective on how that incredible experience has shaped her career. There will be 10-15 minutes following Dr. Premji’s keynote address on Friday September 16th, 2022 at 11:00 am EST for others to share their memories of Dr. Katherine Lippel.

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